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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  December 1, 2011 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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>> late last night, los angeles international airport, one of the busiest travel hubs in the country went completely dark. dozens of flights were canceled as passengers waited for the power to come back on and the high wind advisories have been issued for parts of utah, nevada, arizona, new mexico and wyoming as well. the weather channel's jim cantore has more from pasadena, california. >> obviously the clean up continues in one of the worst situations they have dealt with.
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they are cutting this tree apart piece by piece and taking it and grounding up all the limbs. of course it's not just the part that's down. we are talking about the part that's still hanging. they are cutting that part of the tree as well and taking that down and grinding that. it will be a danger tonight when the next batch of 60 to 80 mile per hour winds move in. here's the situation. we have about 6,000 people here in pasadena without power. we haveç several of the roads blocked by trees like this that are down. it's just clean up. the winds have died down at this point and they are expected to pick up again today. thank goodness at least at this point we have no fires to contend with. pretty much all day tomorrow. >> thank you very much.
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now to decision 2012, there reports governor romney is ready to go on the attack against newt gingrich. romney's biggest threat to the gop nomination at this point specifically not only will the romney campaign see him a as a flip flopper, but they put his family in the conversation to spark a conversation about gingrich's three marriages. let's bring in the panel. michael smerconish is a contributor and talk show host. albert martinez is a republican strategist. great having you with us as well. the republican on the panel here, mitt is taking off the mits and getting rate to brawl with gingrich. with gingrich's back ground, he is used to getting down in the mud. what does mitt romney need to do? >> i think what mitt romney needs to do is establish himself as the front-runner and the most confident republican who can
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take on barack obama in november. it's a wake up call. newt has the staying power that i think the other candidates had not had and it will be interesting to see how mitt romney and his teamç responds. >> you have this report that said they want to paint gingrich as a flip flop perflopper. now for the first time it's in iowa. let's play a portion of it. >> i spent my life in the private sector. i competed with companies around the world and learned something about how economies should grow. the right answer is to stop the growth and start the growth of the private sector. >> we get the part where mitt romney talks about the private sector. is he talking about political quick sand if he brings up a flip flopper? i don't know if he can transfer it over to newt gingrich. >> it's like the pee wee herman
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strategy when he was attacked. he would say i know you are, but what am i? he hasn't come up with a good defense in terms of his own clear changes and records and clear changes in views. a tough interview which he judged and he couldn't come up with a response. he said read my book if you know where i want to stand. one of the things is that newt gingrich said he will not go negative. he won't release ads where he is attack his challengers. he will train his fire on barack obama. that will be interesting to watch. if you have mitt romney out there swinging hard and newt gingrich ignoring him. >> doesn't mitt romney need a little bit of that. we know newt will get down in the mud and pull you down if he
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needs to if it gets him a victory, but the folk who is supported sarah palin and liked michele bachmann in the beginning and liked donald trump. we seemed to be attracted to the person who wants to get down and dirty even if they say he's a birther just to get the votes. doesn't mitt romney need the pow that people possess even if it's not legitimate? >> you are exactly right, but they like the anger directed at barack obama. if you see him wailing on newt gingrich, that can give him problems tochl a lot of republicans, newt gingrich is seen as a real warrior in the conservative fight. >> let me bring you in on this. people are not afraid to take on newt gingrich. i top the play what ron paul had to say as well as michele bachmann. >> i think that he is getting a
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free ride and i worked with him for a long time and the points i made on the issues, he's a flip flopper. he can hardly be the alternative to mitt romney. >> we have michele bachmann who blasted gingrich for a long history of supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants and wait for it, newt gingrich is having a meeting with your favorite fan, donald trump. donald trump and newt gingrich. wow. >> you are laughing because i often said i'm dieing to know where is the trump constituency. who are these people that are looking for a sign from their leader. if only the donald would tell me who to vote çfor. you were right to make reference to the audio. it shows that the fluid nature of this thing is coming to settle. what's happening is that a number of the republican candidates are saying aha, it
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looks like it's newt gingrich who will be the conservative alternative to mitt romney. what romney needs to show in addition stopping newt from momentum is he has fire in the belly. in 2010, we learn that republican party voter are looking for somebody who is a fighter. he's got to show in fighting newt that he's ready to fight barack obama. >> i want all three of you to respond. herman cain has a date night with gloria cain on friday. i know many couples like a date night so they can bring the spark back in the relationship. i don't know what is going to happen on friday. what's your take? is he out? >> i hope he is bringing a lot of flowers and chocolate. >> and tiffany boxes from newt. >> think his campaign is functionally over. i think we will see probably an announcement soon about that. he is bleeding and hemorrhaging
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support. nothing has been proven, but the allegations are serious. >> seriously his voters are the people who supported the cain train will go somewhere. is it likely to newt gingrich? >> likely newt gingrich. let me say the date night. if i could be a plus one for that date night, going to be an interesting thing. he is setting this up to say his wife wanted him to get out of this race. playing the wife card there. a lot of the support that herman cain is bleeding will likely go to newt gingrich. >> it would be great timing for them. i got to put myç family first d it's friday that means you have the weekend to have this peter down and monday we begin anew. >> with a twist which i think is my wife supports me and knows this is all garbage, but in the best interest of our family, i'm going to shut it down now. >> we will see what happens. he may surprise all ofs and you stay in the race. who knows. have a great -- it's not even
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friday. i'm already look ahead to date night. watch "meet the press" this sunday with moderator david gregory with david axelrod, senior adviser for the presidential election campaign. coming up, stunning arrest. why a distinguished sheriff is right now behind bars being held in the jail that bears his name. it's an incredible fall from grace from a top law man. the latest on the search for a mom who vanished after an appearance on people's court. a judge ruled her children must be returned to their father. he is the only suspect in her disappearance. president obama is joined by the biggest names in entertainment on a world aids day as the president announces an ambitious goal in the fight against the disease. join the conversation online and find our twitter page@"news nation." progresso. it fits! fantastic! [ man ] pro-gresso they fit! okay-y... okay???
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>> we are waiting to hear whether the payroll tax cut will expire at the end of the year. they scheduled to extend the tax break, but a debate is raging over how to pay for it. >> bear in mind what they are doing here is "paying for a temp rare relieve with a permanent tax increase on job creators." >> i was disappointed to see the proposal was a backdoor route to protect the rich and short changing small businesses.ç >> luke russert joins us live and it's interesting rhetoric from nancy pelosi who said what
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do republicans have against the working people in america? if they are moving towards some kind of solution here, they certainly want to go out with a bang for their base. >> there is certainly a solution in the near future. that's most likely weeks away. both sides putting forth that helps them in the fall of 2012. democrats would say they wanted to protect their friend who is are millionaires and million bears. democrats would not have cuts in spending and not want to put a means test on millionaires or to pay for something. listen to what nancy pelosi said in regard to that the little class is bearing this heavy burden on the issue of taxes. >> the republicans want to extend tax cuts for the wealthiest people in america.
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one million and above. the tax cuts to the middle class and that needs to be paid for. >> and a lot of democrats are really using that angle and saying they supported the bush tax cuts in the past and republicans say look, that was different. that was people not having more money in their pocket and money in fact their is not the government. this is a direct tax that is linked to a social security. it will be an interesting battle. one other note to throw in there.ç john boehner had a press conference and i asked him what the impact on the economy would be. if you had a no holiday for the payroll tax. he said i'm not an economist and i don't know what the impact
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would be. there is a lot of independent economists who said it would be a risk to the economy and slow growth if these things were not passed. that's what the president and the republicans are privately saying an interesting moment from the speaker. he said there is no question that payroll tax holiday would help and you can see where the republican side is about whether or not they are vital to keep growth going in the economy that is so fragile. >> it's interesting that that is his response that he is not an economist because that is at the heart of everything. when the jobs creators are taxed, this presents a problem for our economy. these are the people that keep us going. to counter the question, he felt the need to follow-up later knowing he needed to clean that up. >> without doubt. the payroll tax holiday, people from heritage and brookings will
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tell you that that has an economic impact because people spend that money. a lot of it goes to gasoline and grocery stores. either it will be a consensus in the weeks forward that both of these things will help the economy and the question about the debt reduction that the republicans said all along will also be very much in the public eye. >> thank you very much, luke. great report. we are watching wall street. stocks are lower after yesterday's huge gains. the dow is down just aç pinch d the dow surged 490 points yesterday. it was the best day in 2 1/2 years and that rally was triggered by major central banks and shoring up the financial system. tyler mathson, what a difference a day makes. help us understand what's going on. >> it's not too terribly surprising that the market would take a breather after really two or three days of record breaking runs.
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we were up 7 or 8% after yesterday's gain of nearly 500 points. it's not too surprising that the market would cool off particularly since tomorrow there is a big jobs report that will come out and tell us how basically the economy fared in terms of job creation in the month of november. one of the reasons the market was up so much yesterday is that an early report on payrolls was favorable, indicating that people in the private sector were out hiring in november. it's a little bit of a watch, wait, see, digest and rest. maybe rinse, repeat and lather again tomorrow. >> greatly appreciate it. still ahead, two governors are asking the dea to reclassify marijuana. why do they want the change? ryan grim from the huffing ton post will join me to talk about it and a new book said the man
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who a caused strauss khan of assault propositioned him. we valentine shocking new details from the book and going for grammy gold, kanye west and rihanna lead the pack for nominees, but how are peopleç reacting to this? what people are saying. on my phone, i got internet! hotspot five dollars. hey, hey, hey, hey. [ girl ] i can see who's on my network people!
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>> welcome back, everyone. todaya world aids day established by the worst health organization. today was marked in countries around the globe in south africa, one of the hardest hit by hiv and aids. there was a memorial service and h]spice where so many have died. there was a provocative display in a wall made of condoms placed in the plaza. others distributed information and in washington, d.c., president obama took part in an
11:23 am
event with former pli eer presi clinton and bono and elton john. he wants to significantly increase access for-saving drugs and increase spending on hiv treatment by $50 million. >> we can end this pandemic and beat this disease and win this fight. we have to keep at it, steady and persistent today and tomorrow and every day. until we get to zero. >> for the latest un estimates show 34 million people were living with hiv and aids at the end of 2010. over 30 million died in the past 30 years. amazing discovery from world war ii, a bomb weighing nearly 4,000 pounds is found and a steal have to evacuate on sunday. the house is set to honor
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blackberry® torch moves at the speed of 4g. ♪ the news nation has a developing story here on insider trading. it comes after an explosive conversation alleging lawmakers may have benefitted from information not made public. marijuana for medical use. two governors ask the dea to reclassify it to allow it to be used for medical reasons. >> it's a sat thing. beyond and well beyond the sadness, no one is above the water. >> sadness and shock. a man named sheriff of the year is accused of trading meth for sex with a man. surprising claims. dominic strauss khan said the maid who accused him of sexual assault propositioned him.
11:28 am
a senate committee is go b to begin a hearing on the appearance ofç insider stock trading by fellow members of congress and staffs. it stems as a new book in a 60 minutes investigation that alleged they used information learned through their jobs not known to the public and used that information to gain financially. joining me now is david drucker. thank you for your time. >> good to be here. >> i want to play what the senator had to say regarding the sec and hearings and appearance of insider trading. let's take a listen. >> the appearance is a real problem. i think that the securities and exchange commission is going to say the testimony submitted feels under existing law they can prosecute members of congress guilty of using insider information to make money. >> i know this activity is said to be legal.
11:29 am
what we are talking about, it is about more than appearances, right? >> i think it's about what is acceptable politically at a time when congress has approval ratings at nearly 10% or lower at a time when the country is hurting and they feel that the system has been rigged against them or in favor of others. that's why this issue has such potency following the 60 minutes investigation that was televised. >> in that investigation, this was based on a book that we are seeing on both sides of the aisle. nancy pelosi was in this piece on 60 minutes as was john boehner and they deny wrong-doing. the timing has been curious that you have the behind the door conversations or meetings. stocks that they have an interest in benefit. >> there is longç been the problem of appearance and
11:30 am
impropriety when you see they come to capitol hill with regular lives. they have investment and retirement accounts and all of a sudden they are in charge or a part of crafty legislation that could turn out one way or the other. what are they supposed to do. if the economy was doing well and people felt good about the government, they would have watched the 60 minute story and not worried about it. it's the times in which we live. i think that the smart thing to do for any member of congress, presidents do this and governors do this and senators do this. you set up a blind trust. you need money to take care of yourself and no reason you should give up earning power. somebody takes care of this and you don't know what's going on other than you see a balance. that's what high profile politicians do. i'm surprised that not more members of congress have done this. >> you are absolutely right. i heard so many others agree with your point. why is it not mandated to have a
11:31 am
blind trust when you see the former speaker in illinois has started. i believe the 60 minutes report said he was valued at a few hundred thousand. by the time he left it was in the millions. even real estate deals are questionable. >> correct. this is a problem that goes all the way down to the local level in politics f. you work for a county, you know all sorts of things about development you wouldn't know otherwise. we have seen many members while in congress and after find legal ways are enriching yourself. i do think that on the hand you on the other hand, you need to make sure that congress is not viewed as having a leg up in an unseeming manner. it's not good for the body.
11:32 am
>> none of this is illegal and all of these members of congress who were in that report said they have done nothing wrong. greatly appreciate your time. >> absolutely. >> two governors are leading a push to have marijuana reclassified so they can be selling marijuana at pharmacies instead of dispensaries. they are asking the da to downgrade the drug's rating. in case you didn't know marijuana is scheduled as schedule 1 that includes lsd and heroin. they want it dropped to schedule 2 that means pot would join the ranks of cocaine and meth, but legal and commonly predescribed drugs like morphine. marijuana never caused a leagual overdose and less addictive than alcohol and caffeine. the bureau chief for the "huffington post" and author of this is your country on drugs and getting high in america for
11:33 am
those of you who didn't know, ryan wrote that book. what do you think? are they going to get any traction? >> i think they are. when you think about the medical marijuana fight, it's kind of a lot like the gay marriage fight. we are still having a few skirmishes on it, but it's essentially over. opponents are sort of like the japanese soldiers who are in the pacific islands still fighting world war ii in the 1980s. maybe we ought toç drop leafle and say look, just leave the pot heads alone. the country has moved beyond this. specifically with these governors, it's a little bit more nuanced. they are trying to put the blame on the federal government. both of those states have passed medical marijuana laws, but they don't want to implement them because either they are squishy politically or nervous for other reasons. they are saying hey, feds, reclassify marijuana and then we
11:34 am
will implement this law. plenty of other states, chris christie in new jersey and a number of others are implementing their laws. the district of columbia is moving forward. it's not like people or everyone is afraid of the federal government. obama has promised to back off of states where it's legal. these governors are actually being a little wishy washy and trying to look courageous. >> let me ask you. you mentioned washington and rhode island, two of the 16 states and mentioned d.c. of course that allow medical use of marijuana. wouldn't it be better overall if you did have the dea change the classification? there people even in states where medical marijuana is legalized that feel they are harassed and dispensaries feel their actions are questioned and they still live under a cloud even though the medical marijuana is legal. don't we need to have a federal action here? >> no question about it.
11:35 am
there was a-year fight with the fda to reclassify it with the da. this summer they ruled that no, they will leave it in schedule 1. it's great that they are taking that fight up again. that does have to happen for this to be a comprehensiveç nationwide policy. that is what you want long-term. in the meantime that's not excuse to say i'm not going to implement the law that the legislature pass and that is signed into law. you are absolutely right in the long-term, but in the short-term, a lot of people need medical marijuana right now and they don't have time to wait for the dea to acknowledge this is over. >> you are right about that. great to see you. haven't seen you in a while. >> thank you. >> new developments with the military mortuary top our look at stories around the nation. in a matter of days, the air
11:36 am
forces part of the probe into what happened at the military mortuary at dover. the pan wants to know more about procedures there and they set a deadline to burn over a list of everyone involved in allegations. air force investigation found that that in two cases body parts of soldiers and remains that were returned were lost in 2009. they were punished, but none were fired. >> a lake in south orlando is being searched after she vanished after appearing on the people's court. it is less than two miles from where her ex-fiance ruled. smith can keep custody of the twins with parker. they took the 3-year-olds from smith on tuesday. almost half of the german city will evacuate on sunday for officials to diffuse a world war ii-era bomb. a 4,000 pound bomb was found
11:37 am
where water levels dropped ez lack of . they think the bomb was dropped by the british in world war ii. it could destroy anything within 200 feet and a follow-up to the story of the 104-year-old woman and her 84-year-old daughter living in the home for 53 years. they refused to force the women to leave as directed by the bank. now the bank said they will work out a deal to keep the women in the home. that's good there. law enforcement officials say they are absolutely stunned over the arrest of a highly decorated former sheriff who was once even called sheriff of the year. pat sullivan appeared in court yesterday looking at the ground and dressed in an orange jump suit that he actually used to handout to suspects. he was arrested tuesday after trying to exchange drugs for
11:38 am
sex. joining me now from denver is gary shapiro. thank you for your time. talk about a fall from grace. this is incredible. >> huge fall from grace. everybody is stunned. not just law enforcement. trying to figure out how this happened. pat sullivan remains in jail today. the jail that bears his name. they honored him by putting his name on the jail. his bond is a half million dollars sheechl accused of trading drugs for sex. they searched his home yesterday. we are told they found computer files that had gay pornography on it. he is scheduled to be in court again next monday. no sign of him bonding out so far. this story as you mentioned shocked colorado. it'sç unbelievable. sullivan is 68 years old and a lawman for 40 years and the sheriff of the county, a large metro area from 1984 until 2002.
11:39 am
during that time, he was labeled a hero after he drove his car into a shootout to rescue a deputy who had been wounded. he was selected national sheriff the year 2001 and president clinton named sullivan to the commission on crime prevention in 1995. he was one of the most respected letters in colorado and now this. it's hard to believe somebody could fall that far that fast. we are all still trying to figure it out. >> what a story. next on "news nation" and the scoop. >> i'm 30 and i'm a virgin. >> i'm 29 and i'm a virgin. >> this show is called virgin diaries. it explores the lives of people in their 20s, 30s and 40s who won't have sex or even kiss until they tie the knot. one of the stars will join us live next.
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>> i'm martin bashir. at the top of the hour, these republicans most certainly are red to rumble. who is on the mat and who is on top. the chair on dirty tricks at the ballot box and what the game plan will be if newt were the nominee. now back to the 2:00 p.m. nominee, tamron hall. >> an effort to get a documentary excluded from the american academy awards. kanye heft west had 7 and did he get snubbed. a new show remears this sunday called the virgin diaries. i cannot wait to talk about this. make sure you are watching this. let's get the scoop from courtney. she is standing by. >> we will begin with something more serious. definitely with this documentary being asked to be excludeed from
11:44 am
consideration for the academy awar awards. the parents of one of the boys found dead in arkansas 18 years ago in a letter they sent to the academy in novelrer, they argue that the documentary called paradise lost glorifies the three men who were released from prison last august. it was a huge story when it happened. their 8-year-old son, michael, was found snake bludgeon and said it doesn't tell the story they want told. the director said "we feel tremendous sorrow and stand by our films and believe the west memphis three are innocent." it's a difference of opinion and saying hey, we can tell the story we want to tell. this is our stance and so the academy of course has a letter and i would think they are considering it and no decision is made. grammy nominees, big news after
11:45 am
the tree lighting, kanye west received seven nominees and bruno mars received six nominations. what's the controversy here? now that people had time to think about it, was kanye west snubbed? he didn't receive an album of the year nomination. >> that's crazy. >> i have to say it was fantastic and it was crazy, but speaks to this idea that he's not a cross over artist. he's a huge figure. >> who are said he's not a cross over artist. some say he didn't receive the nomination. they had a great piece of why he is in the position he is in in compare to the other artists as well. >>. >> he was in the middle of that show. exactly. we will see. >> the virgin diarçiediaries.
11:46 am
if you haven't seen this yet, take a look at it now and start to form your own opinion. >> brace yourself. >> you may kiss your bride. >> really? >> yes. . >> what you saw there was a couple's first kiss ever at their wedding. their wedding. that's why it was a little bit awkward. they are part of this cast of the virgin diaries. we have timothy who was one of the producers of the virgin diaries and one of the participants. we have all seen the promos and i was lucky enough to see the first episode and i have an advantage. timothy, i want to begin with you. aside from the kiss itself being a reason to tune in, why is the subject matter interesting? >> tlc is about big live moments
11:47 am
whether it's getting married or the choice to lose or retain one's virginity and a lot of thought towards. it seemed like one of the things that was right. >> i'm only laughing not at your answer, but we just saw some of that kiss again. you are one of the participants and i think you would be proud to say you didn't kiss like this. what made you think it was a good idea? were you worried at all? >> i was happy to my story. if someone asked you to talk about yourself, you don't say no to an opportunity like that. it has been a blast for me. >> i know we willç find out wh happens on the show, but since taping, can you give us an indication. has it helped you out at all? >> one thing, a great benefit i got is when they told me i was going to be on the show i started what i called the holy
11:48 am
crap i'm going to be on tv diet and lost 30 pounds. that has been great. >> congratulations. that's an achievement. thank you for putting the subject matter on television. it's definitely worth watch, tamron. >> i think it's sweet and the biggest loser meets virgins. he lost 30 pounds. >> we are not saying can you believe these people are virgins? it's a personal decision that gets a lot of attention and people don't always understand it. >> we're explore all facets of live and they're cute. they have to work on the kissing though. logon to the scoop or be a fan of the scoop on facebook. first, there is a lot going on today. here are things we thought you should know. house of representative is set to vote gabe zimmerman who was killed in the january shooting in tucson that injured congresswoman gabrielle
11:49 am
giffords. the house will vote to name a meeting room after gabe. >> a new biography about imf head for dominic strauss khan claims the maid he was accused of assaulting propositioned him. he interpreted her "seductive body language " as a proposition. attorneys for the maid say it's a complete fantasy. leon panetta greeted j.r. martinez at theç pentagon. you have to love that picture. a fan of the show invited martinez to the pentagon. you see the moment there. love that picture. should be my screen safer. in 2003, he was severely burned over 40% of his body while serving his country in iraq. john huntsman's daughters have come out with their first cover song called huntsman's back. it is set to sexy back.
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welcome back and time for the "news nation" gut check. a new york dentist is being sued after make her patients sign a contract asking her patients not to give her a bad review online. a patient comes in with a tooth ache and after receiving service he considered poor he took to the internet, posting bad reviews about the dentist on yelp and other sites. she sent a $100 invoice for each day it is online. he said it violates his first amendment rights. thank you very much for joining us. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> as i understand it your client robert lee said he only signed the contract because he was in so much pain he needed attention and work done from the dentist. >> that's right.
11:54 am
>> surely you would have advised him not to sign anything, especially a contract, right? >> well, all things being equal, that's right, but you come to the dentist and you get a stack of forms to sign and your insurance form and medical history form and h ii pa form and here's this contract. you don't want to go somewhere else while you necessary pain and you sign it and expect the doctor or dentist not to impose this sort of thing. when they do, there is a remedy to say that the contract is unfair and it violates the law. >> your client, how did he learn that the dentist was not happy and so much so she decided she would slap him with a ç$100 invoice every day it stayed up online. >> she threatened for copyright infringement and defamation whchlt he didn't take the review down, they sent a copyright take
11:55 am
down notice to the base and when that didn't work, they sent an invoice for every day you leave the review up, it will cost you $100 a day which was their damaged for the copyright infringement. >> you have this lawsuit and what do you want from the dentist at this point? what does your client want? >> what we want from the dentist is she agree or stipulate and if she doesn't, we will ask the judge to order that the contract is void. lee has not done anything wrong. we are not just representing lee at this point. we are representing all of the dentists's patients. we brought a class action with an injunction and want the dentist to notify all of her patients that they are no longer obligated. >> we will see what happens. it is interesting. you believe this is an issue of the first amendment right for your client and the other people
11:56 am
who signed. >> are not exactly. >> that's what i'm told. >> the first amendment doesn't apply to actions that private people take. we said it's a misuse of copyright law and unconscionable contract. we don't say it violates the first amendment. >> thank you for the clarification. appreciate it. what does your gut you? should doctors or dentists require patients to sign aç contract to prevent them from giving negative reviews? go to facebook to cast your voit vote. that does it for this edition of "news nation." right here on msnbc and martin bashir is up next. [ male announcer ] humana and walmart have teamed up
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it's december 1st and here's what's happening. wwf featuring newt


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